Tuxedo Protein Cheesecake Dessert Recipe

The better for you dessert made this way! A layer of chocolate mousse topped with a vanilla no bake cheesecake and a sprinkle of chocolate wafer cookies makes a to die for dessert without all the guilt.

Orange Creamsicle Overnight Protein Oats

A delicious and refreshing oatmeal packed with protein. These pudding-like overnight oats are a perfect on the go breakfast. They’re made in a mason jar or any take away jar making them a super morning time saver when you need a quick grab and go healthy solution.
Even better? They boast over 15g protein and contain over 1/3 of your daily fiber. Under 275 calories these are super healthy!

Breakfast Greens UP Smoothie Bowl Recipe

A healthy dose of veggies, fruits & protein to start your day!

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Recipe

A delicious way to enjoy your protein ... feels indulgent but is oh so good for you!

Cheesecake Marbled Gourmet Brownies

Sunday TREATS! ... with a little HEALTHY (ish!) TWIST! We've packed this yummy brownie mix with fiber, lowered the fat content and added in protein using products from both Do You Bake? and Crave It!
Recipe Uses Do You Bake? Gourmet Brownies Mix & Crave It Cookies 'n' Cream 0 Sugar SmoothZ

Blueberry Blast-off and Berry YumYum SmoothZ

This is a typical look at what both I and my other half have before we lift weights. We vary the flavors and the 'whats inside' our shake all the time.

Strawberries & Cream Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are one of my favorite go to morning or 'before/after' workout meal options. When I don't feel like drinking my protein, the smoothie bowls offer something just a little different that combines flavors, textures and other wholesome ingredients. By using our 0 sugar Premium SmoothZ (Vanilla Creme Caramel featured here) you save a ton of sugar and infuse a perfect amount of whey protein into your meal.

Dark Chocolate Bounty Smoothie Bowl

The best part of this smoothie bowl is the toppings. A chocolate coconut dessert bar that's healthy for you. Easy recipe to follow.
Our smoothie bowl is a healthy way to enjoy dessert. The toppings turn an ordinary smoothing into a delicious bowl of perfection. Our recipe makes one individual Bowl. This is a great snack or pre-post workout treat.


I love using FRESH in season produce for all sorts of creations. I have three rhubarb plants in the backyard and they make the perfect canvas for so many delicious projects. Below is my recipe for protein jacked Rhubarb and apple muffins. .
I like to use the JACKED protein baking mix by Crave It because it adds extra protein and helps me lower the sugar used in my muffins. .


Supper using TWO Do You Bake? Products for a cold 'sorta hot outside' dinner
RECIPE using . ...
#1 - Classic Chicken Salad Mix (summer product, returning June 16th)
#2 - High Five 'n' Grain Bread Mix
Also a great post workout eats option!


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