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Let’s face it.  Life is Busy.  Our own needs even get ignored because of how involved we are in everything else during our day.

So busy that we just never usually take time to take care of our own needs.

I know I didn’t.  For many many years I ignored all the signs that I needed to focus on me.

It’s funny … when you are fat, you start to do this self talk thing, where you rationalize where you are at to make yourself feel better.

I started to blame my circumstances.  

I started to tell myself that

My parents fed me too much because after I had open heart surgery as a kid and became ‘normal’ again, they wanted to make sure I was never hungry

I have bad genetics and I wasn’t to blame because many of my family members are FAT so I guess I am supposed to be fat too

My Parents Fed me the wrong foods.

I was told to clean my plate. That wasting food was bad. So I probably just ate too much.

These things just helped me justify why I was fat and the more I justified it… the heavier I got

To make it worse?

As I got fatter .. and got closer to 200 pounds, I would tell myself “200 pounds, that’s it, I won’t cross it!”.

Then… strike that “210” …

And it kept going until I finally reached 248 pounds.

My clothing never fit.  I hated how I felt.  I didn’t like looking myself in the mirror.

I wore large clothing to hide any of my excess fat.

I couldn’t keep up with my two dogs. I was always out of breath. Tired. Lacking Energy and always looking for that next sugar-rush.

I felt self-conscious. ALL THE TIME!

I didn’t know what to do. How to lose weight?

Let’s face it, they teach basic health in high school, but a healthy diet … is so damn confusing!

  • You have the food pyramid…
  • You have calories, carbohydrates, sodium and fat to worry about….
  • You have packaged foods that offer you other nutrition values that are hard to understand
Then you have a bunch of diet systems out there to try

I have lost and gained weight more times than I can count.

My weight was the biggest issue in my life and honestly it always has been.  It was affecting everything I did.

If you have a weight problem today, then you may know that the guilt and shame combined with the physical discomfort of carrying around extra weight can just down-right sucks wind.

Every day was a constant struggle with my body.  In my mind, I desperately wanted to be thin, but my body seemed to have an agenda on its own and the cravings were relentless.

When I tell you I tried everything … I TRIED EVERYTHING!

I joined Nutrisystem and received those monthly shipments of meals … only to realize I hated how they tasted and never felt satisfied. Something about overly goopy pasta with no flavor and snacks that felt more like cardboard than a chip never did anything for me….

I joined LA weight loss and tried their five day juice fast and then went onto their weight loss phase, only to fall in love too much with their snack (aka chocolate) bars! And I may have had one or two too many each day….. I lost weight and then plateaued, got frustrated…quit ….and gained it all back, and MORE.

I tried Weight Watchers, joined the in person group.. went online, tried the point system and still managed to lose weight but … alas like everything else I gained it back… and MORE

I tried expensive fat burners.  Figured they were my miracle drug.  However all they did was give me a heart that raced too fast and energy that was coming out of my ears with massive energy sucking crashes throughout the day.   I lost weight. …. Then gained it back again.

I hired an expensive personal trainer.  But they were more interested in their own agenda and fat shaming me than they were at helping me.  My body hurt all the time. They pushed me too hard and I got discouraged. I lost a little weight but at the end of the day I quit that too.

…. And as I’m sure you’ve experienced this too… as a yo-yo dieter you think it’s all just about calories in and calories out…..

….. it’s easy to starve yourself and lose a little weight in the short term, but if you don’t fix the fundamental, underlying problem, the weight comes right back the moment you stop dieting…..


Our body is smarter than we give it credit for! It knows when you are trying to punish it……

So…feeling quite overwhelmed with weight loss and a little hopeless….. I stopped caring and my eating habits over the years became worse. I began to workout less. And before I knew I tipped the scales at 247 pounds.

Unlike some women and men that lose over 100 pounds, there wasn’t a “life changing event” that made me “wake up” and it wasn’t anyone specific that told me if I didn’t change something, I would end up over 300 pounds quickly.

I decided to take my life back. Plain and simple.

I began a quest for a better me. I applied all of my research skills and scientific background toward understanding and eliminating the real reasons I was fat, overweight and unhealthy.

The result?

I lost 122 pounds naturally without massively restrictive dieting and without surgery.

This is how our program began – through my trials, tribulations and then successes.  This program is several years in the making and is now officially available as of January 2018.

Every month we are making it available for new members. Only taking on a select number in order to give premium service, amazing onboarding and stellar support.


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