4 Great Food Resolutions To Try In 2018

Yup it’s January!  and YUP it seems like we always talk New Years Resolutions

After managing through the holidays, enjoying all the sweets..loving all the baked goods, now it’s time to get back on track.

If you are thinking about changing up some of your food and eating .. without specifically trying to focus on a diet, here are 6 Great Food resolutions to try in 2018


#1 Explore NEW Foods! 

Head onto the grocery store and try one new food every time you go shopping. I’m not talking about boxed foods or freezer dinners. I’m talking about the fresh stuff. The stuff you find on the outside aisles of the grocery store.

Trying new foods helps us get out of a rut.  Helps stay away from the BORING we always feel we are serving on our dinner plates!

MY Food Try List so far for 2018: Dragon Fruit, Tomato Jam and Tiger Nuts


#2 Eat Before You really Get Hungry

This is probably my number one failing point when it comes to eating. I tend to eat AFTER I am starving! I mean starving and could eat everything in sight. I’m definitely guilty of not eating when I should and waiting too long.  Often you over-eat when you eat when you get to that ‘point of no return’ because it’s harder to slow down and chew your food when you feel so hungry you can’t stand it!

I literally can snack my way all the way to dinner!


#3 Give Yourself Permission to Eat

Sometimes I think we make all these plans in January to ‘be better’ to ‘lose weight’ to ‘eat less’ and we forget about all our emotional insides. We forget about how we feel and what we feel and we limit our self.

That limiting behavior can sabotage our real plans.  Honestly when we feel we can’t eat something we focus on the ‘I cannot’ part instead of the “I can part” and it royally sucks right? Seriously. Going with a feeling or thoughts of ‘deprivation’ and ‘restriction’ usually leads to the opposite result – we eat way too much.


#4 Start Every Morning with Tea, Water or ACV

I started my Mornings this year with a warm water drink. Before I eat anything or drink anything else.

ACV : 1 Tablespoon ACV in hot water (16oz glass)

Lemon : 1/2 lemon squeezed in hot water (16oz glass)

Lime : 1 lime squeezed in hot water (16oz glass)

Orange : 1/2 orange squeezed in hot water (16oz glass)

I alternate my water drinks every week.  It helps me get in a couple glasses of liquid real quick, fills me up and then I”m set to eat breakfast an hour or so later


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