10 Ways to Kick the Sugar In January

Sugar … sugar…sugar! OMG! We have just come off the holiday season and man do I ever feel like I”m sugar loaded! I have eaten more cookies, cakes and sweets over the holiday season and I am on a sugar overload…

Once your body gets used to all that sugar, it can be HARD to kick that habit! Our body goes through a cycle of wanting sugar, using sugar and consuming it … then it wants more .. otherwise we end up going through massive sugar crashes

SO! How do you wean yourself off of sugar?  Do you go cold turkey? Or slowly reduce the sugar?

I often see all these awesome ideas and suggestions but at the end of the day it depends on you and how you feel and what mental space you are in.

I’ve lost 100 pounds so over the course of 4 years I have had to figure out how to manage my sugar cravings..because sometimes they can be INTENSE!

Last year, eh .. I tried to kick the battle with sugar but I honestly was not mentally prepared for it. I couldn’t handle my January Healthy you .. quit sugar cold turkey mantra.  Honestly, it just sucked wind and I couldn’t handle much more than a few weeks of my sugar busting January Healthy Me.

This year – I don’t have a problem.  Seriously. I don’t miss the sugar and I’m not even interested in looking at cakes and cookies and other delicious yummy food I gravitate to.

What is different? My mindset.  And I indulged all I wanted over the last several months and didn’t even worry about my waistline.  So..I was ready. I was prepared and I didn’t give what I may be ‘missing’ emotionally a second thought.

So…. be kind to yourself and know sometimes… we just aren’t ready and it’s not right for us…. Don’t try and go cold turkey, try these ideas instead!


Enjoy in Moderation! – Don’t cut sugar out altogether! Just reduce it. And know that not all sugar is created equal. Manufactured sugar is worse than the sugar that occurs naturally in fruits and other whole food products.

Reduce your sauces and condiments! There are often hidden grams of sugar in all the delicious sauces and condiments.  Reduce the amount you are eating on a weekly basis! Try grilled meats without sauces for a few nights a week

Eat Healthy Protein Packed Snacks! Enjoy your snacking and instead of grabbing a piece of candy or a candy bar pack your snacks to go! Make sure your snacks are composed of protein! Apples and nut butter, bananas and peanut butter, trail mix with raisins and cranberries are among some of my favorite snacks that keep my sugar needs in check

Get plenty of sleep! When I’m sleep deprived I feel I need sugar more. When I’ve had enough sleep … I don’t feel like I need to grab sugar snacks! Try and get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night


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